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Icon  Name                    Last modified      Size  Description
[PARENTDIR] Parent Directory - [TXT] browse-json 2024-07-23 17:41 11K Browse through JSON records and print all or single values [TXT] check-port 2024-07-23 17:41 4.8K Checks if port can be reached over the internet (ingres) [TXT] check-sudo 2024-07-23 17:41 3.8K Check if sudo is available and user is allowed to invoke it [TXT] check-version 2024-07-23 17:41 10K Get the version of a script and tries to get the version for some tools [TXT] classic 2024-07-23 17:42 4.2K Wrapper script for psm cli (Experimental) [TXT] compare-version 2024-07-23 17:42 4.0K Compare two version numbers e.g. 1.6.7 1.7.0 [TXT] confirm 2024-07-23 17:42 5.2K Display first parameter (question) and wait for an answer (yes to confirm) [TXT] convert-json 2024-07-23 17:42 11K Reads a JSON file and converts it to a human readable file [TXT] convert-number 2024-07-23 17:42 5.2K Convert Number String e.g. 2,3,5-7,9 into a sequential number string e.g. 002 [TXT] disk-management 2024-07-23 17:42 39K Format and mount attached disks (Experimental) [TXT] errormsg 2024-07-23 17:42 5.9K Prints an error message in red color to stderr [TXT] export-folder 2024-07-23 17:42 3.9K Export all files from given folder to Object Storage [TXT] filecheck 2024-07-23 17:42 5.1K Do some actions with files [TXT] get-authkeys 2024-07-23 17:42 5.2K Get public keys from instance metadata and display them [TXT] get-cloud 2024-07-23 17:42 15K Determine cloud platform and get metadata from instance if we are on oracle cloud [TXT] get-ip 2024-07-23 17:42 8.4K Get the external ip of the instance and some more infos [TXT] get-platform 2024-07-23 17:42 15K Get some infos about the platform (OS) and machine [TXT] group-management 2024-07-23 17:42 8.8K Manages groups within Linux [TXT] install-scripts 2024-07-23 17:43 22K This script downloads useful UNIX scripts and installs them [TXT] install-tools 2024-07-23 17:43 47K This script downloads basic tools for Oracle Cloud and installs them [TXT] key-management 2024-07-23 17:43 47K Manage the ssh keys [TXT] lib.bash 2024-07-23 17:43 7.7K Library for BASH scripts [TXT] lib.tcsh 2024-07-23 17:43 3.2K Library for TCSH/CSH scripts [TXT] norm-json 2024-07-23 17:43 6.7K Script to convert JSON output in a standardized way [TXT] oci-api.bash 2024-07-23 17:43 12K CLI for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) API [TXT] oci-instance 2024-07-23 17:43 74K Do some jobs with instances (Experimental) [TXT] oci-object 2024-07-23 17:43 31K CLI for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) [TXT] print-header 2024-07-23 17:43 3.7K Reads a file and pretty prints a frame around the content [TXT] print-table 2024-07-23 17:43 8.6K Reads a tab separated file and pretty prints it [TXT] select-table 2024-07-23 17:43 7.7K Reads a tab separated file and pretty prints it and ask user to select a value [TXT] setup-tools 2024-07-23 17:44 81K Check if all needed tools are installed and have the right version [TXT] transfer 2024-07-23 17:44 8.2K Get a resource from a host (or internet) via curl and check if an error occured [TXT] user-management 2024-07-23 17:44 16K Manages users and groups within Linux (Experimental) [TXT] vip-management 2024-07-23 17:44 9.6K Add or delete secondary private IP (Virtual IP)