This download area serves as a mirror for most of the tools (binaries).
The links for the download on the source servers are given in README files.

Why is this nescessary? In fact, it is not, but the tools are structured in this
way and can be found more easily. In addition, older versions are kept and the
connection for the download is stable and the tools are virus-checked and tested.

In the "scripts" folder there are tools to carry out some administrative activities.
These are originally stored here.

To install the scripts (will be installed in "/usr/local/bin"), run this command:

curl -skL | sudo bash

If you don't have root access (e.g. no sudo like in Cloud Shell) run this command:

curl -skL | bash

In this case the scripts will be installed in "~/.local/bin". To update the
scripts and install other useful commands (binaries). Execute:

setup-tools update 

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